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Please come in to either the Mobeetie or Wheeler Office and sign an enrollment agreement and we will get you set up in our system with a user id and temporary password with instructions to getting started with online banking.

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To see how banking on-line can benefit you, please try our demo.
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Thank you for choosing First State Bank of Mobeetie Internet Banking. If you have questions regarding your account, please email the bank at

You can easily verify this site’s identity and security by looking for the green website address bar above. Your accounts will continue to be protected through advanced device forensics that seamlessly authenticate your computer and various devices.

The new process will provide users with three opportunities to correctly answer one of their identified security challenge questions.
-Answers must contain at least 6 characters-
-Your answers must contain at least 6 characters-
(IF YOU PREVIOUSLY ANSWERED YOUR QUESTIONS WITH LESS THAN 6 CHARACTERS, TAKE THIS TIME TO EXTEND THE ANSWERS TO SIX CHARACTERS. EXAMPLE: What is the color of your car? Maybe your original answer was "blue". Now go ahead and extend the answer to "blueford" or "bluedodge", just as long as it has 6 characters.)

Users who do not correctly answer their security challenge question will be locked out of Internet Banking, and only your institution can unlock or reset the MFA setting for that user